Intervention HttpAuth

HTTP Authentication Management

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Open Source MIT License

Intervention HttpAuth is a library to manage HTTP basic & digest authentication.

Code Example

The handling is easy. You just have to create an authenticator with your desired settings and call the secure() method to check for given credentials

use Intervention\HttpAuth\Authenticator;

// create authenticator
$auth = new Authenticator();
$auth->withRealm('Secure Realm');
$auth->withCredentials('admin', 'secret');

// check for credentials

The library comes with several static factory methods to create the authenticator.

use Intervention\HttpAuth\Authenticator;

// create by array
$auth = Authenticator::make([
   'type' => 'basic',
   'realm' => 'Secure Resource',
   'username' => 'admin',
   'password' => 'secret',

Read more on how to install or use the package